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        • Brand strength

          Brand strength

          Cheng was founded as an old brand in the wire rod testing equipment industry and obtained a national patent. Chengchuang has high-precision production equipment and fast detection speed, and maintains long-term cooperation with many large enterprises.


        • R & D strength

          R & D strength

          Since its establishment 14 years ago, it has focused on the wire inspection equipment industry. The company focuses on product development and innovation. The company invests a large amount of research and development expenses every year to continuously improve the company's core competitiveness.


        • Strict quality control

          Strict quality control

          Quality is the lifeline of enterprise development. Chengchuang strictly implements quality management, from raw material procurement, incoming inspection, to quality control in the production process, to quality inspection of finished products.


        • Quality service Guarantee

          Quality service Guarantee

          Professional sales engineers assist in model selection and precisely match needs. Provide personalized high-quality services, both brand and quality, the price of products with the same precision is cheaper.
        ·   About us

        · About us

        Shenzhen Chengchuang Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Shenzhen Chengchuang Technology Co., Ltd.) is an early domestic manufacturer of wire testing equipment. The company's main products: wire testing machine, precision wire comprehensive testing machine, precision four-wire wire testing machine, connection Instrument testing machine, new energy vehicle wiring harness testing machine, medical wiring harness testing machine, etc.

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